Frequently Asked Questions

Can we watch the stream live?

Yes, all our streams are broadcast direct live on the day to our private page servers.

Are we covered for music copyright?

The simple answer is yes View X holds a Limited Online Music License (LOML).
LE-0033152 is our certificate no. and is viewable on request.

How many cameras do you use?

For church streams we use up to 3 cameras & 1 outside should we need to cover the burial. Crematorium coverage we use 2 cameras all with Pro mic set up.

Are all your streams private?

Yes, we will set up a personal page that is password protected with a personal holding caption.

If we have an Order of Service can it be linked to the page.

Yes, if you supply us with a PDF version we can add it to the private page for download.

Can you include photographs in the stream?

Yes, photographs are fully included when supplied.
We usually ask for about 10-15.

After the service will we be able to re-watch the stream?

Yes, about 1hr after the service as ended a recording will be on the private page for up to 1 month after.

When the recording is removed can we get copy?

Yes, all streams are saved in HD to a Download Link on the page and supplied at no extra cost.

What happens if there are technical difficulties during the live stream?

Whilst we will do our utmost to provide a smooth live stream, as with any live broadcast there are factors which can cause the stream to buffer, freeze or fail which are totally beyond our control, including password or channel problems. Accordingly we cannot accept any liability for any interruptions or failure of the live stream. However, the service will be recorded and in the event of any technical issues the recording will act as a replacement. In the unlikely event that both the live stream and the recording should fail, our liability will be limited to a full refund of all monies paid.